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The BSR Library holds an important collection of bound volumes, as well as loose miscellaneous prints, dating from the 16th-19th centuries. Various techniques are represented, including engraving, etching, lithograph and woodcut and the majority from Thomas Ashby's collection

Over a number of years, the BSR Library has been systematically conserving, refurbishing and digitizing this exceptional collection, thanks to generous funding from many individuals.

I vestigi dell'antichità di Roma
by Etienne Du Pérac

This edition was prepared in Rome, by Andrea and Michelangelo Vaccaro, certainly after 1607, probably after 1614.

The series of etchings by Du Pérac forms the first part of the volume which also includes Ornamenti di fabriche antichi et moderni dell'alma città di Roma by Giovanni Maggi, first published in 1600 by Andrea Vaccaro, and Antiquarum Statuarum Urbis Romae Quae in publicis privatisque locis visuntur, Icones, first published in 1584 by Lorenzo della Vaccheria.

The title page still has the name and address of the previous publisher, Lorenzo della Vaccheria and the date of the first edition: 1575.

Included in the volume there are also 8 loose plates which were probably part of the original series of Antiquarum Statuarum Urbis Romae. These loose plates were almost certainly purchased by Thomas Ashby and a page of his hand-written notes tucked into the back of the volume was also found.

The volume was the object of a special conservation project generously funded in 2011 by The John R. Murray Charitable Trust.

British School at Rome Library: L.611.D.9

144 digital images linked to the bibliographic record.

A picturesque tour of Italy, from drawings made in 1816-1817
by James Hakewill

James Hakewill left Dover in 1816 to begin his Grand Tour and during his travels he made 318 drawings which are in the BSR’s Library collection.

On his return to Britain, he wrote A Picturesque Tour of Italy, from drawings made in 1816-1817, which was published by John Murray in 1820 and was illustrated with commissioned engravings that were made from his drawings.

In 2014-15, thanks to generous funding from The Leche Trust, the volume was restored and 64 engravings including the frontispiece were digitised, catalogued and included on this website.

British School at Rome Library: L.657.81.17

Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma
by Giovanni Battista Piranesi

During the spring and summer of 2021, the BSR took part in commemorations of the 300th anniversary year of Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s birth in Venice in 1720.

The results of this research project were presented in a new Highlight, featuring a complete digital version of the BSR Library’s copy of Piranesi’s Il Campo Marzio dell’Antica Roma, a conservation report and a research essay by BSR Research Fellow, Clare Hornsby.

British School at Rome Library: XL.611.P.13

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