The South Etruria Survey series

(bulk 1954-1968)

The ground-breaking work of Ward-Perkins, who carried out a thorough archaeological survey of South Etruria in the 1950s and 60s. The recent BSR Tiber Valley Project revisited this material which includes more than 7,300 images.

When he took up his Directorship at the BSR, foreigners were not allowed to carry out archaeological excavations or field-work in Italy and he turned his attention to Libya, where he had worked during the war, and in particular to Roman and early Christian monuments. A series of important publications appeared during the following decade. By the mid-50s the situation in Italy had changed and Ward-Perkins began his ground-breaking archaeological and topographical enterprise, the South Etruria Survey, which was to last over 20 years. This followed on directly from the topographical work on the Roman Campagna carried out by Thomas Ashby, his predecessor and was to have a profound effect on future research.

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